Web Communications Policies + Procedures

All policies, procedures, and standards for online and interactive media, including the university website, mass e-mails and e-newsletters can be found here. If you have a question and cannot find the answer below, please contact the webteam directly at webteam@loyno.edu.


This section explains administrative rules and who is responsible for what in the creation, design, and maintenance of websites affiliated with Loyola University New Orleans.


This section describes typical web team projects, who to contact to request projects, and procedures for completing projects.

  • Website Development: Need a site? A blog or photo gallery? Here's how to create new web sites for individuals, colleges, offices, departments, and so forth.
  • Website Navigation: Want to revise/change the navigation on your website? Create your strategy with our help.
  • Content Management: Website out of date? Need help getting it back in order? Forgotten how to use the content management system? Here's who to contact and how to request assistance.
  • Form Creation and Programming: Need a form? This applies to both print and web publications.
  • Graphics/Video: Already have your site, but need some extra punch? Find out how to request web-based graphics, videos, and Flash here.
  • Mass E-mails and E-newsletters: How to get your message in your readers' inboxes, who to contact to make it happen, and how long it will take.
  • Online Promotion and Publicity: Need to get exposure for your updated website, or publicity for your department's news or event? Find out how here.


Best practices and university-approved guidelines for producing and maintaining online and/or interactive media:

  • Images: Where to find quality Loyola photos, how to choose an appropriate image, and how to edit in Photoshop.
  • Search Engine Optimization: How people can find your website through Google. Or, how to generate more visitors to your website via search engines.
  • Social Media: Guidelines on how to properly handle social media accounts (like blogs, Facebook, Twitter) affiliated with Loyola.
  • Updating Your Website: The importance of regular updates, how often you shoud do it, and the value of archiving old content.
  • Writing for the Web: Learn how people read websites and how to write effectively for the web.