U.S. Copyright Laws/Loyola Policy

Copyright infringement is a violation of federal law and subject to severe civil penalties and sanctions. Copyright infringement can also be a violation of federal criminal law. Thus, those responsible for content within Loyola University publications, networks, and webpages must maintain a basic understanding of copyright law and must comply with Loyola University New Orleans policies.

Individuals who infringe copyright-protected materials on Loyola University New Orleans networks and publications may be subject to discipline. In appropriate circumstances, penalties for violations of the Loyola University New Orleans policies may include, but are not limited to, termination of all computing privileges.

All departments are responsible for and must adhere to U.S. and international copyright laws (including guidelines for fair use); comply with local, state, and federal laws; and comply with university web page policies and all other university policies. The Office of Marketing and Communications is not responsible for monitoring copy for violation of copyright and trademark laws. View more information from the United States Copyright Office »

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