University Written Communications

Written References

  • On first written reference, utilize the full formal name: Loyola University New Orleans. In subsequent references, the name may be shortened to Loyola University, then Loyola. Keep in mind, there are three other Loyola institutions in the nation.
  • Keep the name of the university prominent.
  • The official Loyola University New Orleans Editorial Style Guide (primarily taken from Webster’s Standard American Style Manual, Webster’s New World Dictionary, U.S.News & World Report Stylebook, and The Little, Brown Handbook) outlines written style practices specific to Loyola University New Orleans.
  • The Associated Press Stylebook is followed for all news releases and Loyola at a Glance.


  • Clients must supply approved copy and photos for all ads must in advance. Exact deadlines vary from publication to publication.
  • There are standard cost components (media fees) that generally apply to retail advertising (print, broadcast, web banners, Google, outdoor).
  • University advertisers must approve all advertising material prior to the advised material deadline.
  • Booking and material deadlines for advertising media are not negotiable. Deadlines vary and advertisers need to allow sufficient time to obtain indicative costs, prepare material, and obtain the necessary approvals.
  • Clients with urgent requests should follow up with a phone call to ensure the request is noted before deadline. Clients must advise media cancellations in writing. Cancellations are not possible after the booking deadline has passed.

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