Standards: Images

A. Finding Loyola Photos

A variety of Web Team-approved images for use on can be found at the Loyola photostream on Flickr.

B. Choosing the Correct Image

A few points to consider when choosing images for your website:

  • A strong image can catch the eye of a visitor to your website, but may also distract them from important content elsewhere on the page. Consider if you want the image to be the focal point of the page.
  • Use high-resolution images (scaled down as needed) that clearly depict scenes appropriate to the page/site content. The viewer should not be confused by any image.
  • Beware of the following: bad lighting, bad cropping and unfortunate background objects/scenery.
  • Ensure that the images you choose can not easily be dated, or be prepared to update them regularly.

C. Image Editing

The best image-editing tool is Adobe Photoshop. 

If you do not have the means to edit your own images, please submit a marketing request so the Office of Web Communications can assist you.

D. File Naming

Appropriate naming of images and other files is discussed on our search engine optimization page.


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