Required checklist for proofing/approving projects

Publications and Creative Services may edit submitted copy to ensure it adheres to university style and branding standards. Significant edits will be resubmitted to client for final approval.

Publications and Creative Services provides a designed layout with content for initial proofing and approval. The client then must approve the design concept and return the first proof indicating whether it is “okay to print as is,” “okay to print with changes,” or “new proof needed” on the attached approval form. A revised proof is returned to the client for final approval.

In order to avoid project delays, requested changes and corrections to copy and artwork by all approving parties should be submitted when returning the initial proof. Continual changes to approved artwork inhibit us from meeting approved deadlines.

Your signature on the final approval form signifies you have proofed, corrected, and approved your project to be produced.

It is the responsibility of the client to:

  • Check for factual accuracy (pay special attention to headlines, subheads, and photo captions)
  • Verify the proper spelling of all names, titles, and middle initials
  • Double check dates, facts, and figures
  • Make sure the correct contact information and web page address are included
  • Check spelling
  • Assist in checking for university style
  • Assist in correcting spelling and grammatical errors
  • Double check that all copy has been proofread against original copy or changes marked on the previous proof
  • Read all articles word-for-word for continuity
  • Make sure more than one person checks and initials the final proof

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