Reinforcing Loyola's Brand

The Three C's

  • Consistency
  • Continuity
  • Communication

Brand messaging must be relevant and real to the intended audience. It speaks of our core values and aligns them with the needs, values, and desires that our target audiences are seeking.

Messaging must be in keeping with the essence of our brand—values-based, faith in God, commitment to excellence and social justice, service to humanity, and preparing our students for meaningful lives with and for others and to work for a more just world.

1. Consistency
Consistent brand portrayal is one of the most effective ways to build brand strength.
Consistency refers to brand image portrayal, visual identity, and people becoming familiar with who we are. Consistency in brand is all about having a clear and concise brand style guide for the Loyola community to adopt and utilize as exclusive guidelines.

2. Continuity
Continuity of brand message—via long-term marketing and relationship building—is integral to generating brand equity. Continuity involves being consistent in the way Loyola does things to enhance our reputation and engagement with various communities over time. Continuity is all about building brand programs over time and across different media and target markets.

3. Communication
Communicating our brand message effectively builds familiarity and relevance to our constituents. The key objective is to communicate our brand messages through all mediums in a consistent, continuous and integrated way.

Speaking with One Voice

Loyola’s Current Brand Messaging Descriptors
Brand descriptors are the core messages that our brand communicates in clear and certain tones in expressing what makes us Loyola University New Orleans. Below are some key brand descriptors that accurately depict our principal values:

Our Rich Jesuit Tradition
Loyola’s rich history and Jesuit influence dates back to the early 18th century when the Jesuits first arrived among the earliest settlers in New Orleans and Louisiana. The Jesuits are renowned for liberal arts, value-centered education of the whole person, and a commitment to lifelong learning, social justice, and service.

The Right Size
Our 11:1 student-faculty ratio allows students and faculty to intimately interact across our wide array of excellent academic programs, giving them more opportunities to succeed individually. We pride ourselves on the positive and personal learning environment our community and campus size affords us.

Commitment to Academic Excellence
Loyola’s Jesuit-centered tradition of academic excellence has been built upon the quality of our faculty, students, and programs, and is enhanced by the many academic resources available to our students.

The Loyola Experience
These three critical distinctions (Jesuit tradition, student-faculty ratio, academic excellence) are at the very heart of what it means to receive a Jesuit education at Loyola. Our classrooms extend beyond our walls. They merge seamlessly with the larger world beyond, and start students on a journey of learning that will last a lifetime.

Loyola’s current key messages used in external communications are:

  • Loyola produces citizens of the world.
  • Jesuits were brave enough to shape a new city. Our students are bold enough to create a better world.
  • The World is our Classroom.
  • Thinking Critically, Acting Justly
  • Developing men and women for others
  • Preparing students to be active participants on a global stage.

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