Publicity Request Policies

Everyone at Loyola benefits when any one of us has a success that can be publicized. For help with publicity, complete the online Marketing Request Form, or call us directly at ext. 5888 (504-861-5888). Either way, Public Affairs can help advise you on the best way to secure media coverage.

  • The Publicity Request Form is required when requesting postings to the university calendar and promotion of official university events or information.
  • Be sure to make your expectations clear in your publicity request.
  • Before Public Affairs sends out any press release, it is our policy that final approval is given on all content by the requesting client.
  • After filling out the Publicity Request Form, a PA staff member will confirm receipt of the request and will begin work on appropriate publicity support. Staff members can discuss with you a realistic and effective strategy for getting the word out.

Publicity Request Timeline Requirements

Please contact Public Affairs early regarding your news or that of your college or department.

Event Publicity - For university-approved events, submit your publicity request 4 WEEKS in advance of the event to allow enough time for Public Affairs to submit to local calendars and long-lead publications and to target the best media representative to pitch the news item.

Regular News Publicity - If submitting a news item that is NOT time-sensitive, please allow 2 WEEKS for processing, follow-up, approvals, and publication/pitching.

Time-Sensitive Publicity - If you have a news item that is time-sensitive (less than 1 WEEK lead time) or if you have breaking news to share, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY by calling ext. 5888 (504-861-5888 if on public site). While we cannot guarantee that we can accomodate all requests, we will do our best to help you with your publicity need.

Submit Information to Loyola at a Glance and LoyNews Publications

Loyola at a Glance is a weekly e-newsletter produced for the university community by Public Affairs. It is distributed to faculty, staff, and students via e-mail each Friday.

LoyNews is a weekly e-newswire containing Loyola’s latest news releases and is sent via e-mail to local, regional and national news media representatives each Monday. To submit your news item for inclusion in LoyNews or Loyola at a Glance, please submit a Marketing Request Form.

Submit Event Information to the University Calendar

To place your event on the official University Calendar, please contact your department's or college's web editor. If you do not have a web editor, you may contact Public Affairs for assistance in submitting calendar items.

Fill out a Marketing Request Form and be sure to include comprehensive information about the event:  date, time, location, event details, and point of contact. When describing the event, provide as much detail as possible, such as speaker biographies, photos, goal of the event, points of interest for local and regional audiences, and any other interesting details, etc.

Submit Information to the “University Newsroom” and “Upcoming Events” Web Pages

“University Newsroom” and “Upcoming Events” sections on the official Loyola website are managed by the Office of Public Affairs. To request promotion of a news item, upcoming event, or posting to the official university website calendar, use the Publicity Request Form to make your request. For more information, call (504) 861-5888.

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