Publications + Creative Services

Submit a Publications Request FormPublications and Creative Services produces and facilitates all official university magazines, such as Loyola University New Orleans Magazine, Loyola Executive, and Loyola Lawyer.

Publications and Creative Services designs and publishes more than 900 printed pieces annually for the university.

Publications and Creative Services is responsible for the design and production of official external university communication pieces, and for the approval of those it does not produce. Publications and Creative Services must approve all official external university communication pieces before they are made public.

These include publications, brochures, broadcast and print advertising, direct marketing, specialty items, Internet (paid search, ads), photography, broadcast and print media planning and placement (purchase), banners, and project management of outside vendor production. This is a complimentary service provided by Marketing and Communications. Payment for out-of-house production services, such as printing, mailing, postage, illustrations, photography, and media and advertising placement are the fiscal responsibility of the requesting department.

To submit a request for work through Publications and Creative Services, use the Marketing Request Form »

Media Advertising Resource

  • All official university retail/media advertising is contracted and placed by Marketing and Communications. The assistant director of marketing maintains the rates of many local and national publications and officially places the ads, which are designed by the PCS team. Deadlines for contracting ad space and dates for final ad material are not negotiable.
  • Departments should allow sufficient time for us to obtain ad costs, produce advertising materials, and obtain the necessary approvals.

Publications and Creative Services Official Responsibilities

  • Develop strategic planning specific to college, department, and center’s needs
  • Design and produce brochures, posters, banners, and invitations (collateral)
  • Design and produce print, web, and broadcast advertisements
  • Approve all external university communications not produced by Creative Services
  • Printing consultation and coordination, price estimates
  • Media buying for all university placement of ads in publications, outdoor, internet,and broadcast media
  • Consulting and design of departmental web page templates and interactive forms
  • Editing of (provided) copy to enhance marketing results
  • Publishing of all three alumni magazines from concept and writing through printing and mailing