Procedure: Graphics & Video


I want a new button, banner ad, or graphic to use on my site.

To request any flat (no motion or movement) graphics for use on your site, please submit a Marketing Request Form to have them created by the Office of Web Communications.

The turnaround time for such projects can range from three business days to three weeks.


I want a promotional video created to use on my site.

The Office of Web Communications only creates video for promotional purposes. To request a promotional video for use on your department or unit's website, submit a Marketing Request Form.

The production timeline for promotional video is two to six months.

The Office of Marketing & Communications collaborates with V.P.’s, Deans, and department heads to determine the subject matter/content of multimedia messages and to ensure their initiatives are accurately represented. However, the responsibility for strategy and the concepting of promotional video/multimedia communication belongs to the Office of Marketing & Communications and the initiator. 

Any necessary images, music, etc. are due to the Office of Web Communications prior to the submission of the video request.

Related Policy: To learn more, please read the policy on multimedia content.

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