Commissioning ads, brochures, media placement, and print coordination

I need print marketing materials. Where do I start? What do I need?

Publications and Creative Services assists with copy editing and design, as well as coordinating the printing and mailing of external marketing and promotional pieces. Our printing management service capitalizes on its bulk print purchasing capability to deliver cost-effective quality print products. Print estimates are requested on all outside printing and mailing projects.

You are the client. You, or your college or department, are our client. You are responsible for submitting job requests, providing the project’s fundamental components (copy, images), approving the product, and paying for out-of-house costs associated with it.

Contact us early. The best time to contact us about a print or electronic publication or print advertisement is as soon as you have decided that you need one, regardless of how far in the future. Planning early allows us to work your project into our production schedule so we can meet your deadlines. Initiate the project by completing the online Marketing Request Form.

Designate one or two point people to communicate as liaisons with CS in order to streamline the process and ensure smooth and timely execution of your request.

Not sure where to begin? If it is a new project, please feel free call us to discuss budget, timeline, creative direction and production needs. Staff members may meet with you to discuss your objectives, strategize concepts, and overall project development.

Fully integrated multi-element marketing campaigns usually require an initial strategic meeting with staff from creative services, web, and public affairs. A minimum of five weeks is required to plan a multi-element campaign—however, more time is preferable.

Clients pay all out-of-house production costs related to special artwork and photographs, printing, and shipping. PCS provides estimated outside vendor costs and deadline requirements to the client for approval. Departmental account numbers are required on the Marketing Request Form.

  • All departments requesting print production projects through the Office of Marketing and Communications will be responsible for issuing the requisitions for print production and/or mailing services vendors.

Based on the job request submitted, a graphic designer will provide that department/contact person with a printing cost estimate as the basis for the requisition. Once approved, a copy of the purchase order must be sent or faxed to the Office of Marketing & Communications Box 909 or ext. 5755 (fax).

Only upon receipt of the copy of the purchase order will the Office of Marketing and Communications place the printing and/or mailing order with the vendor. If Marketing & Communications does not receive a copy of the purchase order, the project will not deliver and/or mail.

All printing and mailing invoices will be sent directly to the requesting department and/or Financial Affairs. It is the responsibility of the requesting department to approve these invoices for payment. The Office of Marketing and Communications will be happy to review invoices to check for accuracy upon request.

At this time, the Office of Marketing and Communication will continue to issue all requisitions for placement of media advertising with vendors such as the Times Picayune and Gambit.

  • Final costs could vary from the original estimate based on finalized production, or changes requested after final approval. If the final cost varies, you will be notified prior to Publications and Creative Services requesting additional funds for payment.
  • Printing done by Twomey Print Shop is invoiced directly by them to the requesting department and is not the responsibility of Creative Services.

The Vice President of Marketing and Communications reviews most projects at least once during production to ensure quality control. A job cannot go to the printer or advertising media without the signature and approval of both the client, and the Vice President or the director of marketing.

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