Policy: URL Addresses

Web Communications has established policies on how URLs are developed for the Loyola website.

Permanent URLs

For colleges and divisions, the unique identifiers contained in the URL must precede the “loyno.edu” domain. departments and centers’ URLs must follow the “loyno.edu” domain. examples: Student affairs would be studentaffairs.loyno.edu, whereas co-curricular Programs would be studentaffairs.loyno.edu/cocurricular

Redirect URLs

A URL redirect is a technique for making a web page available under more than one URL address. If you request a URL redirect for a page on the Loyola website, it must comply with the following policies:

  1. Must be a directory of www.loyno.edu (e.g. www.loyno.edu/evening)
  2. URL shortening is allowed to ease accessibility and for use in print materials. examples: Student affairs could also have the domain sa.loyno.edu, and co-curricular programs might have www.loyno.edu/cocurricular.
  3. Multiple URLs are allowed, but only the permanent version will be the “home” domain, meaning when a user types in sa.loyno.edu, they would automatically be redirected to studentaffairs.loyno.edu
  4. Additional redirect URLs can be requested at a later time as needed. To do so, submit a marketing request form.

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