Policy: Office, College, Department, Organization, or other Administrative Unit Websites

Websites representing offices, colleges, departments, and programs are created and overseen by the Office of Web Communications. New site developments for offices, colleges, departments, organizations, and programs take three to six months. Total site developments are approved by the Vice President for Marketing & Communications in coordination with the President's Cabinet.

Site developments require the adherence to a web production agreement, which outlines all responsibilities and deadlines that must be met in order to stay on the three to six month timeline. Any responsibilities and deadlines missed will cause the timeline to be adjusted appropriately.

Structural and/or functional revisions to existing sites, including revisions to navigation, require approval of Web Communications and Marketing Communications. These revisions are made with consideration of the existing overall web strategy for the Loyola website, current usability models, information architecture standards, analytics data, and the university’s mission and goals. All revisions must adhere to the guidelines set by Loyola to fulfill the online requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Offices, colleges, departments, organizations, and programs wishing to create a new website, add additional pages to an existing site, or incorporate external site elements should complete the online Marketing Request Form. Start times for projects may vary depending on the site developments already scheduled at the time the request is made.

Faculty and Staff Organization Web Pages

Faculty/staff organization websites must be created by Web Communications, or created by a designated web editor in the department or administrative unit in adherence to the official university web page policies and using the template provided by Web Communications.

Faculty/staff organization websites must adhere to all rules of the university as stated in The Staff Policies, Procedures, and Benefits Manual, the Faculty Handbook, and other official statements of university policy.

Academic and Non-Academic Student Organizations

All student organization websites must adhere to rules of the university as stated in the Student Code of Conduct and other official statements of university policy.

Student organizations sponsored by an academic college or department may request a page to represent their organization on the Loyola website through the web editor in their respective college or department.

Non-academic student organizations may design their own websites. Content is subject to approval of the Office of Student Affairs, or the academic program director and/or adviser. These page designs must include the following:

  • Name of the organization
  • Name and e-mail address of the individual who is responsible for maintaining the website
  • Date of last update
  • Non-academic student organizations that do not have a valid Loyola user account should apply for website space on the university server through the Office of Information Technology.

While all non-academic student organizations’ websites must comply with all of Loyola University New Orleans’ web standards, Web Communications does not assume responsibility in the creation, modification, or maintenance of those pages.

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