Policy: Mass E-mails and E-newsletters

University-wide Internal Mass E-mails

The definition of an Internal Loyola e-mail is an individual e-mail sent to faculty@neo1.loyno.edu, and/or staff@neo1.loyno.edu, and/or student@neo1.loyno.edu.

  • Only critical or time sensitive messages should be electronically broadcast to ALL of Loyola’s internal audiences (faculty, staff, or students). Event information and nonessential information do not qualify as critical messages and therefore should be distributed through Loyola at a Glance.
  • Announcements of deaths or illnesses should be directed to and are sent on the behalf of University Ministry.
  • Complete internal mass e-mail policy

External Mass E-mails

The definition of an External Mass E-mail is an individual e-mail sent by Loyola to Loyola University alumni, parents, friends, donors, purchased or audience-specific lists, and the news media.

HTML Mass E-mails

  • Requests for production and execution of external HTML emails are limited to new student recruitment, fundraising, and/or official university promotions. External HTML E-mails must be approved and endorsed by the Vice President of Marketing and Communications prior to creation.
  • Custom-designed HTML external mass e-mails require a development time of 3-4 weeks, as well as copy and concepts at the start of the project. Failure to provide necessary materials will cause the production timeline to be adjusted appropriately. Custom-designed HTML external mass e-mails should be made via Marketing Request Form.


Official e-newsletter templates are created by Web Communications for colleges, non-academic centers/institutes, and divisions only; existing e-newsletters have been grandfathered into this policy. Academic departments should include their information in their respective college e-newsletters.

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