Policies + Procedures

The Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for maintaining a consistent editorial and graphic identity in all official Loyola publications, advertising, signage, website, and other public visual and written communications. This identity upholds the image of the university as expressed in the mission, values, and goals of Loyola University New Orleans.

Policies and Procedures by Department

  • Public Affairs: Includes policies and procedures on media relations, publicity requests/procedures; event planning procedures; event coordination/consultation services; digital photography services/procedures.
  • Publications and Creative Services: Includes policies and procedures on commissioning ads, brochures, media placement, and print coordination; initiating an external marketing project and banners; center and institute graphic elements; required checklist for proofing/approving projects.
  • Web Communications: Includes policies on: official university web policy; university homepage; college,department, office webpages; webpages for individuals; multimedia content; mass e-mails and e-newsletters; social media; third-party vendors; other production timelines. Includes procedures for: website development; content management; form creation/programming; graphics/video/flash creation; online promotion; e-communication.
  • University photography service requests are assigned priority according to publicity potential and anticipated usage by the university. There is no charge for the university photographer to cover approved events, however, if travel is required or if the job exceeds 3 hours and/or takes place over a meal time, the department will charge back the cost of mileage and meals to the requester (per university travel guidelines).

 All policies and procedures listed above were updated May 2018.