The Loyola Brand Graphic Standards

“When you see it, you know it's Loyola”

A unified approach to graphics fosters better communication through a strong, consistent institutional identity. A clear understanding and the correct usage and application of brand elements will project a consistent image and help trigger an immediate visual association with Loyola University New Orleans. It also effectively communicates a consistent visual image that reinforces the university’s long-standing academic reputation and tradition of excellence.

As Loyola University New Orleans grows in national stature, the need to ensure accurate brand presentation becomes critical. Logos, graphic devices, and typeface are the foremost visual expressions of Loyola University New Orleans’ brand, and form the basis of the university’s graphic brand identity. For example, on external publications, the logo is anchored bottom right.

Success of any graphic identity program depends on the cooperation of all members of the university community. Adherence to a few simple rules will result in improved communications.

Loyola University New Orleans Name, Color, and Logo Requirements

Logo Brand Guidelines

Loyola University New Orleans logos are integral components of our graphic design and form a large part of our institutional brand recognition. As Loyola is our “product,” the following guidelines are required where Loyola University and its colleges, centers, and events are externally promoted. Space limitations dictate how many logos can be used. The logo hierarchy is as follows:

  • Brand the product (Loyola)
    Loyola watermark
  • Brand the college
    College of Social Sciences logo
  • Brand the department, center or event
    School of Nursing logo

Official Brand Colors

Loyola University New Orleans' official school colors are maroon and gold (or metallic gold). The logo can be used in any one of these three colors (or black) at a time, but cannot be two different colors, i.e.: the building in black and the type in maroon or a black outline around the building and the rest maroon.

  • Maroon Maroon (PMS 202, or Web #660000) is the preferred color for all official Loyola publications. In cases where the publication is a two-color piece, we prefer that you use maroon and black.
  • Gold Gold (PMS 130, or Web #f4aa00) works well where visibility/contrast are priorities. PMS 130 is not appropriate for presidential materials, prestige pieces, letterhead, business cards, or formal announcements. In these cases, please use PMS 873 metallic gold.
  • Mettalic Gold Metallic Gold (PMS 873, or Web #95774c) has a reflective sheen meant to mimic the look of metal and reproduces most accurately on coated (or “glossy”) paper. NOTE: Metallic effect is only produced through printing spot color. CMYK conversion will not match spot color, and can look brown or greenish. Therefore, in four color printing (CMYK), please use PMS 130.

Official Logos for Loyola University New Orleans

A logo or trademark is a distinctive sign—conventionally, a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, or a combination of these elements—used by an organization to uniquely identify itself, and to distinguish the organization from other organizations. The logo is also a formally registered trademark of the university.

Our official logo creates a stronger graphic image for Loyola that ensures our print materials are more readily identifiable at a glance. Our current logo, in several configurations, was designed in 1995, after much research and input from faculty and staff.

The official Loyola logo must be used, in one of its forms, on all external publications. Placement of the logo must always be in the lower right corner of the artwork. Any other placement violates Loyola's Branding Guidelines.

Camera-ready logo slicks, graphic versions of the logo on disk or e-mail are available from the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Official Loyola University New Orleans logos include:

  • Official university logo
  • Official university president’s seal
  • Athletics logo
  • Alumni logo
  • Individual college logos

Some centers and institutes utilize simple graphic elements that are permitted as secondary visual branding tools. Center graphics are not official logos and can only be used in conjunction with the official Loyola logo.

University policy is that the University logo is the only logo that can be used on all external communications. The only exception is that Centers and Institutes may use simple graphic elements to represent the overall mission of the center or program while demonstrating a connection to the university. When colleges, units and departments develop their own marks, the overall impact of the Loyola logo is diluted as they now compete with each other. We know you're attempting to differentiate your program from other programs on campus, but this only serves to confuse our audiences. We hope that you will understand that the Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for ensuring all Loyola's external communications possess a consistent graphic identity that upholds the identity and mission of the university.

Our production services do not cover development of graphic elements for use in departmental campus initiatives.

Loyola’s logo can be used in the following four formats: (1) horizontal graphic and logotype, (2) vertical graphic and logotype, (3) logotype, or (4) horizontal logotype.

1,2. When using this artwork and logotype together, spacing between the two items must not be altered.

3. The stacked logotype without the Marquette graphic is acceptable on publications where space is limited or other graphic elements and photos make the page appear “too busy.”

4. Horizontal logotype.

Loyola logo

Large PhotoShop File
Medium PhotoShop File
EPS File

Loyola stacked logo

PhotoShop File
EPS File


Loyola watermark

PhotoShop File
EPS File


Loyola horizontal watermark

Download: PhotoShop File | EPS File

Official College Logos

Loyola University New Orleans college logos are used as secondary key identifiers for the colleges and their departments. The university has five college-specific logos which are linked in a consistent visual system to the university brand.

Individual logos for colleges are allowed as shown and are used secondarily as an element after the initial recognition of the university.

Download: EPS file

College of Social Sciences logo

Download: EPS file

College of Business logo

Download: EPS file

College of Music and Fine Arts logo

Download: EPS file

College of Law logo

Download: EPS file

Official Athletics Wolf Pack Logos

The Loyola Wolf Pack logo is the official logo for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Wellness. These logos can be used in the configurations indicated below, with the appropriate Pantone colors. The athletics logo can also be used in any one of the three official university Pantone colors indicated above (or black, or white). It should be used alone, and not immediately adjacent to the university logo or seal.
The Loyola Athletic marks feature a strong and traditional collegiate typeface based on the font Yearbook, and features a maroon color fill and concentric white, yellow and black outlines with the typography arched to make it uniquely Loyola. The Loyola type is supported in alternate marks with either New Orleans or Wolf Pack, also following the arch of Loyola.

Loyola New Orleans Logo Loyola New Orleans Word Mark Loyola Wolf Pack Logo Loyola Wolf Pack Word Mark

Download: Loyola New Orleans logo.

Download: Loyola New Orleans word mark. Download: Loyola Wolf Pack logo. Download: Loyola Wolf Pack word mark.

Each download includes four standard color profiles in .eps, .jpg, .pdf, and .png formats.

Official Alumni Logo

The official alumni logo for Loyola University New Orleans is an adaptation of the university’s Presidential seal. The Loyola alumni logo is used only on formal and official alumni printed materials and merchandise. It should be used alone and not immediately adjacent to the university logo.

The alumni logo, if printed in one color, can be produced in any one of the official university PMS colors (or black). If printed in two colors, it can be produced in any combination of the three PMS colors (or black) with restriction of only using color on the outside ring, not on the seal. The four-color seal should be printed as is—no exceptions or color changes.

On any alumni materials where the university’s official wordmark is not either immediately adjacent on the back of the mailer/postcard, or on an outer envelope, the university’s wordmark takes precedence over the alumni logo and will be the predominate logo and anchored bottom right. Incorporating the alumni logo into such a design or used as screened back behind artwork in those few cases will be considered.

If a piece is to be used internally at an official event, such as a handout, the official Loyola wordmark does not have to be adjacent.

Click here for the design options utilizing the alumni logo for invitations and publications.

The alumni seal is a formal crest for Loyola University New Orleans alumni; therefore, it should be used with discretion.

Alumni logos

Download: Maroon (PMS 202) JPEG, 2-Color JPEG, Black & White JPEG

Loyola University New Orleans Centers and Institutes Graphic Elements

Centers and institutes may use simple graphic elements to represent the overall mission of the center or program while demonstrating a connection to the university. Each center or institute graphic element is usually partnered with the name of the center or institute centered below it. Publications and Creative Services (PCS) will work by request to create a simple graphic element for centers and institutes within production guidelines.

Names of centers or institutes are represented by our official university font, Friz Quadrata. The graphic element can be used in any one or two of the schools three colors (PMS 202, PMS 130, or PMS 873) at a time, but cannot be three different colors. These graphic elements never stand alone and must be used secondarily after the establishment of the official university logo.

Inappropriate use of logos

Do not use outline of marquette hall as a loyola logoIndividual graphics are NOT official Loyola trademarks. Loyola strongly discourages departments from developing these separate identifying graphics outside of official logos and trademarks. Competing graphics tend to dilute the equity of a singular Loyola brand in the public mind. A unified approach to graphics fosters better communication with a strong, consistent institutional identity system, which provides cohesiveness to support the image.

  • Do not use the Marquette graphic by itself. Do not recreate or modify Loyola’s trademarks in any way.
  • Do not use Loyola logos or trademarks in conjunction with other logos or trademarks.
  • Do not squish or skew any Loyola trademark. Both axes should be the same percentage.
  • The Marquette graphic is not the official Loyola logo when displayed without the accompanying logo type.
  • Do not flip the wolf graphic.
  • The official name of our institution is: LOYOLA UNIVERSITY NEW ORLEANS. The official logo may not be shortened to LOYOLA, Loyola University, or Loyola New Orleans. If there is not enough room for the full university name, please put the word “LOYOLA” in a different font from the one used in the logo so that it is not confused as a “LOYOLA” logo. If at any time you need to use the font of the logo for other copy, our official font is Friz Quadrata.

Send proofs for approval to Kristen Nicholson—fax: (504) 861-5990 or

For questions about licensing, contact Rob Nelson at (504) 865-2881 or

Official Presidential Seal Guidelines

Loyola sealThe official presidential seal is used only on formal and official documents and merchandise for the Alumni Association and the Office of the President. It should be used alone, with discretion, and not immediately adjacent to the university logo.

The seal, which was adopted by the university in 1929, reveals the coat of arms of the house of Loyola with the emblem of the Society of Jesus at the top. Above the figures of the wolves appear the fleur-de-lis, which represents the French origin of our city and state. Beneath it is a pelican feeding its young with her own blood—this depicts Loyola as an institution of the state of Louisiana.

The seal is sometimes screened as a graphic element in select designs. Questions regarding the use of the presidential seal should be directed to the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Official Seal Colors

The seal is most often reproduced in one color (black, gold, or maroon). When printed in color, the field of the shield is blue (PMS 282). The emblem of the Society of Jesus (IHS) is light blue (PMS 278), the chain connecting it to the pot is gold (PMS 130 or 873), and the pot itself is in yellow gold (PMS 128). The wolves are gray (PMS Cool Gray #4). The fleurs-de-lis are white. The field surrounding the shield is green (PMS 5763). The field of “Deo,” etc., is light blue (PMS 278) with gold letters (PMS 130 or 873). The outer field is maroon (PMS 202) with gold (PMS 130 or 873) letters.

In general, for publications printing in two colors only, photos and text should be printed in black, and maroon should be used as the second color.

Official University Typography/Typeface

The Avenir and Friz Quadrata typefaces should be used for all typographical elements, including headings and body copy:

Official University Typography and Typeface
  • Avenir Bold = Headline
  • Avenir Medium = body copy.
  • A sans-serif font substitute such as Arial can be used if Avenir is not available and is approved by marketing prior to use.
  • Friz Quadrata All Caps = Headline
  • Friz Quadrata Upper and Lower = Sub-Head.
  • A serif font substitute such as Times New Roman can be used if Friz Quadrata is not available and is approved by marketing prior to use.

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