Initiating an external marketing project and banners

For assistance with printed pieces, media buying, and advertising requests, please send an email detailing your request to

In your email, please include:

  • The project’s budget
  • The project’s intended target audience
  • The objective/purpose of the project
  • Your desired deadline for the project’s delivery (minimum of two weeks from the date of your email)
  • Complete copy/content, unformatted
  • Suggested artwork/images (if applicable)
  • The project’s desired size, format, and layout
  • Shipping destination(s)
  • All other project-specific details (e.g., If it is an ad, where will it be placed?)
  • Account number to which costs associated with the project may be charged

General Production Turnaround Times

These general timeframes are based on projects where the client has provided Creative Services with electronic versions of approved copy and specific photos at the beginning of the project*. When substantial writing and editing are required, additional time is necessary. Changes on printer proofs will create additional delays.

* If applicable, clients are responsible for securing permission to use artwork and photographs they provide.

  • Print ad: 3 weeks
  • Outdoor banner: 3 weeks
  • Video monitor display: 3 weeks
  • Flyer: 3 weeks
  • Invitation: 3 weeks
  • Poster: 3 weeks
  • Postcard: 4 weeks
  • Brochure / booklet: 8 weeks
  • Newsletter: 8 weeks
  • Specialty item: 8 weeks

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners used on campus buildings are designed by Creative Services and sent to an outside printer for production. Printing costs are the responsibility of the requesting department. Average cost for a color banner is approximately $200. Standard turnaround is five working days after they receive approved artwork.

Ordering a Banner

Production time required to design a banner, have it approved, sent to print, and returned to campus is approximately two weeks from receipt of a job request with approved copy and artwork.

Placement of Banners on Buildings/ Physical Plant

To have a banner hung on campus, a work order must be completed with Physical Plant. Work orders for banner placement on buildings are the responsibility of the person/client requesting the banner. Banners are delivered to the carpentry shop in Mercy Hall. Upon delivery, Physical Plant requests four to six days to hang the banner. Space is limited, so banner reservations for specific dates should be made as early as possible.

Standard Sizes for Banners

  • Danna Student Center (inside lobby) 72"w X 36h"
  • Danna Student Center (outside, above main entrance) 120"w X 24"h
  • College of Law (over main entrance on Pine St.) 120"w X 36"h
  • Communications/Music Complex (over main entrance on St. Charles) 120"w X 48"h
  • Marquette Hall (above main entrance facing St. Charles Ave.) 250"w X 36"h
  • Mercy Hall 120"w X 36"h
  • Miller Hall (left of main entrance between columns) 120"w X 36"h
  • Monroe Library (main entrance between columns) 60"w X 36"h
  • Stallings Hall (above main entrance, facing sculpture garden) 72"w X 36"h

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