Film Production Locations at Loyola

Production Locations

Film production locations at Loyola University New Orleans include a wide variety of interior and exterior options. Loyola offers traditional classrooms with chalkboards, mid-modern rooms with whiteboards, and modernized rooms with computer and A/V projection systems. Room sizes range from smaller 30 desk spaces to large auditorium-style lecture halls. The university also hosts several performance theaters, a rec center with an indoor pool and jogging track, dorms, cafes, large conference rooms, and a cafeteria. Exterior sites include beautifully landscaped quad areas with brick-and-concrete-faced buildings. A 15,000-square-foot residential mansion is also part of the Loyola campus and is available exclusively for filming.

Liaison For Film Crews

Jon Vogl is the film liaison contact for productions seeking information, scheduling options, and rates. Jon is your one-point contact person who will guide your project through all necessary arrangements ranging from location scouting, building access, campus and academic schedules, tech scouting, legal agreements, parking, and any other support services needed through the university.

Jon is an experienced filmmaker and is actively involved with the industry through Apex Post Production. He is also on the film faculty at Loyola as associate director of the Digital Filmmaking Program. His familiarity with filmmaking and production services will enable you to work with ease at one of the most beautiful university environments in the southern United States. All production work performed on the campus should qualify for Louisiana's generous tax incentive program.

Jon Vogel can be reached at (504) 224-2360 or

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