Event Planning Procedures

Events reflect upon the university’s overall image and reputation, and as such should be consistent with university branding guidelines. It is crucial that all university events are presented professionally, and consistently adhere to university policies and procedures. This includes all materials developed to support the event—items such as merchandise, banners, posters, flyers, and marketing materials must reflect the values of the university brand and comply with all branding guidelines.

  • When planning an event, the organizer(s) must first check the university calendar on the website to ensure that the date chosen for the event does not conflict with an existing university event.
  • For official events that need the assistance of Marketing and Communications, event planning should start at least eight weeks prior to the desired date.
  • After the date and details have been determined, organizers needing event-related materials should complete the online Marketing Request Form at least EIGHT WEEKS prior to the event to request production of the materials.

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