Digital Photography Services and Procedures

Digital photography appointments specific to university events and marketing publications are scheduled through marketing at (504) 861-5757.

The official university photographer is available by request for university publications and publicity events. Digital photography taken by the university photographer is offered free of cost. If an outside photographer is needed due to conflict or availability, any associated costs will be the direct responsibility of the requesting department, unless used for pre-approved, external marketing/publicity purposes.

  • Departments requiring digital photography services related to event publicity, recruiting, website, and marketing projects must request them from marketing, ext. 5757. Requests may be denied depending on schedule conflicts related to the photographer’s priorities.
  • Schedule photo requests as far in advance as possible. A minimum of two weeks notice is required for assignments outside normal university staff hours.
  • When making an appointment for photography, please provide detailed information regarding usage requirements (vertical or horizontal format, resolution/quality, usage in a planned design), location, and deadline. Coordination of students and faculty for staged or event shots are the responsibility of the requesting department.
  • University photography service requests are assigned priority according to publicity potential and anticipated usage by the university. There is no charge for the university photographer to cover approved events, however, if travel is required or if the job exceeds 3 hours and/or takes place over a meal time, the department will charge back the cost of mileage and meals to the requester (per university travel guidelines).

University Photo Server Access

The university photographer uploads digital photographs onto a server for marketing purposes. Server access is limited to individuals in departments that are directly involved in the process of developing university marketing communications.

Digital photo files may be reviewed on the Ethernet server located in Marketing and Communications’ Marquette offices, acquired via compact discs, or transmitted over the Internet by contacting marketing at (504) 861-5757. Printed copies are not available.

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