Center and Institute Graphic Element Design Process

Centers and institutes may use simple graphic elements to represent the overall mission of the center or program while demonstrating a connection to the university. Each center or institute graphic element is usually partnered with the name of the center or institute centered below it. Effective (or compelling) graphic design does not create itself. It takes research, time, talent, and a lot of teamwork. We take pride in every graphic design job that comes to our table, giving each the time and attention it deserves.

Do Your Research First

In order to design a Center or Institute graphic element, it is vital that we know your mission and goals. Your time investment spent researching before we begin the design does three things:

  • Ensures that our graphics accurately represent your Center or Institute
  • Results in a graphic that is relevant to your target audience
  • Saves each of us time and energy by avoiding unnecessary redesigns*

Meet With Us

This helps us in generating ideas and imagery that will best represent your organization. Be sure you can answer questions about your organization in a creative brief meeting. Give an example. We will need to have your guidance on potential graphic elements you believe relate to your center/institute. Bring samples! If you don’t have an idea what you want, we won’t either.

The Process

Each graphic design project goes through a process of sketching, brainstorming, and evaluation before completion. Good design rarely comes quickly and easily. We approach every project from multiple angles to ensure that the best results are achieved. You will receive 3-5 graphic concepts to review. Select your favorite(s). We will make revisions, if needed, based upon your input. You are always part of the process.

* Please be aware that we are limited to no more than 10 production hours total to complete any Center and Institute graphic (including final revisions and adjustments) in order for us to be able to assist other clients with their projects/needs.

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