Approval and Production of all Communications

The Office of Marketing and Communications is not required to produce all official marketing pieces—but we do have to approve pieces for content, grammar, and adherence to university policies. Please allow an appropriate amount of time for this approval process.

  • All publications, marketing copy, and media advertising initiated and required by offices and departments of Loyola University New Orleans shall be approved by and/or edited by Marketing and Communications.
  • The official university website, as well as HTML and Flash mail/newsletters, are online publications and must adhere to the university graphic identity and policies.
  • Presidential, Admissions, and Development publications have scheduling priority over all other university projects.
  • All major official university publications must include Loyola’s policy on nondiscrimination as follows:

Loyola University New Orleans has fully supported and fostered in its educational programs, admissions, employment practices, and in the activities it operates the policy of not discriminating on the basis of age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex/gender, or sexual orientation. This policy complies with all applicable federal regulations and guidelines.

  • All publications produced at the university must conform to the appropriate policies and regulations of the university and the U.S. Copyright Code.
  • Marketing and Communications is responsible for maintaining a consistent editorial and graphic identity in all official Loyola publications and marketing pieces.
  • Official use of the university seal must be approved by Marketing and Communications. Please contact Kristen Nicholson at (504)861-5858. Digital logos and seals are available from Marketing and Communications, and online at
  • Departments pay for out-of-house vendor services such as media purchases, printing, illustration, mailing lists, shipping costs, and postage. Marketing and Communications can provide estimates in advance for departmental approval, and issue purchase orders to the client. Funds are transferred into the Marketing and Communications account. Marketing and Communications approves final invoices and pays outside vendors directly.
  • Each college and office is responsible for updating web content on their site.

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